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Joint and Muscle Injections

Joint and Muscle Injections

Pain brings many patients into Danville Holistic Medical Clinic, so we seek out the most effective forms of pain relief treatments available. Injection treatments can be the most effective pain relief for some patients.

Pain can be centered in different areas of the body; in joints, between the bones or in muscles, tendons, ligaments or in other fascia. The type of injury or pain dictates the type of injection treatment to be used. At Danville Holistic Medical Clinic, we provide patients with a variety of options:

  • Facet Blocks – Facet joints are small joints of the spine between the vertebrae (back bones) that allow your back to twist.  Besides alleviating pain, the injection may be helpful in determining if this joint is indeed the source of the pain.
  • Joint Injections – Commonly performed for arthritic conditions, the joint is injected with an anesthetic sometimes combined with a steroid to alleviate pain.
  • Tendon and Ligament Injections – As the soft tissue between muscle and bone, tendons and ligaments may become inflamed and painful. Injection of an anesthetic agent decreases that pain and inflammation. Depending on your particular circumstances, our doctors will determine the right anesthetic agent for you.
  • Trigger Point Injections – Generally associated with a taut band or thickening of muscle tissue, trigger points are tender, painful areas of muscle or the junction between muscle and fascia. Trigger point injections help the muscle to relax and to decrease inflammation.
  • Dry Needling – Used for trigger points, dry needling does not inject any solution into the body. A very fine acupuncture needle is inserted into the trigger point and produces a relaxation of the taut band allowing the muscle to lengthen and relax, alleviating the pain.
  • Prolotherapy – Because of limited blood supply to tendons and ligaments, they do not always heal back to their original strength or endurance. Prolotherapy is an injection treatment where a proliferant  (such as dextrost or sugar water) is injected directly to stimulate the growth of healthy, strong tissues. This injection therapy causes inflammation that stimulates the tissue to heal itself. The healing process can take four to six weeks and, depending on the severity, the condition being treated and patient response, the total number of injections can vary.

Contact Danville Holistic Medical Center to schedule an appointment to see if injection therapy is the right treatment for you.