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Knee Pain


Reduce Pain and Heal Damaged Cartilage

Twenty-seven million Americans have Osteoarthritis. It is the most common type of knee arthritis and it can be painful!

Some of the issues that may cause distress in your knees include overuse, weight and other illnesses. People who have arthritis or osteoarthritis usually experience the joint fluid breaking down and causing loss of cushion. This leads to decreased shock absorbency and increased friction, causing pain. 

Relieve the knee pain with a natural treatment program called viscosupplementation at Danville Holistic Medical Center. Viscosupplementation is a treatment program that uses a substance naturally found in the body to replace the fluid, re-pad the knee and provide pain relief.

Hyaluronan is a natural substance found in your joint cartilage and in the synovial fluid that fills your joints. In the knee joint, hyaluronan acts like a lubricant and a cushion. In the case of arthritic knees, highly purified hyaluronan is injected to supplement poor-quality hyaluronan that allows knees to become painful.

The treatment calls for the knee to be numbed with a local anesthetic and the fluid in the knee joint is removed by a process called arthrocentesis. The highly purified hyaluronan is then injected into the knee joint space.

The treatment program has proven extremely effective for so many of our patients. In fact, our experience has shown that this treatment may help you avoid or prolong potential knee replacement. The program is:

  • Non-surgical
  • Non-drug
  • FDA-Approved
  • Covered by Medicare and most major medical insurances

Danville Holistic Medical Center’s multi-specialty approach to treating knee pain is unique because unlike surgery, there is very little risk involved and virtually no recovery time. It’s a safe procedure administered by a licensed nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant. To learn more or to receive your complimentary consultation, please contact us.