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Supartz Knee Injections

Are you tired of suffering with debilitating knee pain?  Are pain medications tearing up your stomach? Have you been told your only option is a Knee Replacement Surgery?  See if you are a candidate for an FDA approved Non-Surgical Pain Relief for Knee Pain.  If you are one of the nearly 100 million people in the U.S. who suffer from knee pain, you know how debilitating this chronic condition can be.
Chronic Knee Pain sufferers experience:

  • Severe pain when walking
  • Getting out of bed
  • Going up and down stairs
  • Playing sports
  • Doing many of life’s normal daily activities.

Knee pain can strike anyone regardless of age, sex or ethnicity and can be so incapacitating that the only solution has traditionally been narcotic pain killers or surgery. That is, until now.  Traditional knee pain sufferers had a variety of treatment options available, including prescription and over-the-counter pain relief medications, topical analgesics, nutritional supplements, steroid injections and arthroscopic surgery or total knee replacement surgery.  However, a new FDA-approved treatment has been able to help thousands of knee pain sufferers avoid the risks associated with prescription drugs and surgery. In fact, this natural, safe and minimally-invasive procedure has been able to help people get their lives back by providing gradual and lasting pain relief – surgery-free.
What can Cause Knee Pain

Knee pain is caused by a variety of factors such as:
•    Injury
•    Mechanical problems
•    Types of arthritis

Risk factors include:
•    Age
•    Sex
•    Excess weight
•    Certain sports
•    Lack of muscle flexibility or strength
•     Previous injury

In many situations, resultant knee pain is so severe that doctors recommend surgery. In many cases, total knee replacement or other surgery is warranted, but today, many patients are now experiencing the exquisite relief of a new FDA-approved non-surgical treatment. Please call or come in today to see if you are a candidate to undergo this leading-edge treatment.

Osteoarthritis Facts

Osteoarthritis (or O.A.) is caused by inflammation of the joints.  Also known as degenerative joint disease, it is one of the leading contributors to knee and joint pain. While it is not fully known what causes Osteoarthritis, we do know that certain risk factors are involved, such as:

  • Heredity (improperly formed joints, genetic cartilage defects)
  • Obesity
  •  Injury
  • Joint overuse (from sports, work and leisure activities)
  • Aging (wear and tear)

Know the Risks of Knee Replacement Beforehand
According to Johns Hopkins, serious risks from knee replacement surgery include but are not limited to:

  • Infection
  • Knee stiffness
  • Blood clots in the leg or lungs
  • Nerve damage
  • Heart attack
  • Stroke


How Supartz works:

When you have knee osteoarthritis, the hyaluronic acid (HA) in the synovial fluid in your knee joint becomes diluted and breaks down—reducing its natural properties. This is associated with increased inflammatory processes that can degrade the cartilage in your knee.

This inflammation causes pain receptors to begin firing during normal movement. The pain tends to cause knee osteoarthritis patients to limit movement which, in turn, leads to further deterioration of joint structures and synovial fluid quality because movement is required for normal synovial activity. This process can become a vicious cycle as the disease becomes progressively worse and quality of life is severely compromised for patients.

Breaking the vicious cycle

SUPARTZ FX treats knee osteoarthritis by providing temporary replacement for the diseased synovial fluid in your knee, which is an underlying cause of your pain. Unlike oral analgesics or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) that affect all parts of your body, SUPARTZ FX specifically targets the osteoarthritis in your knee. In addition, treatment with hyaluronic acid such as SUPARTZ FX has the largest effect size for both pain and function as compared with other non-surgical treatment options.*

Say Goodbye to Knee Pain with Hyaluronic Acid Treatments

Hyaluronic acid Treatments are new FDA-approved knee pain therapy which involves the injection of Hyaluronic acid – a natural lubricant – into the knee. Hyaluronic acid injections provide long lasting pain relief of up to six months, and also lubricate and cushion the joint, providing comfortable, continuous movement. Hyaluronic acid is composed of Sodium Hyaluronate, a natural substance that is similar to the fluid that surrounds the joints in the body. This fluid acts as a lubricant and shock absorber for the joints and does not interfere with other medications. Since Hyaluronic acid is not absorbed by the bloodstream, it does not cause upset stomach as can other pain medications.

Your doctor may ask you to avoid strenuous activities for a couple of days following the injection. Most patients experience little or no discomfort during the injection.

SUPARTZ FX (also called a viscosupplement) is a non-surgical, non-pharmacologic therapy for knee osteoarthritis. SUPARTZ FX therapy can help relieve your pain which improves your mobility and gets you back to your normal activities and a productive life.